Suffoir Winery, Brewery and Cidery

The Heart of the Henty Wine Region


We've loved every minute of our journey

A Lifestyle Property Is Bought! 2012

In 2012 we (Pieter and Michelle Badenhorst) set out to purchase a lifestyle property close to Hamilton. We had no plans to start a new business but fell in love with this beautiful property in Macarthur, Victoria. The 18 acre property called Turloc had black suffolk sheep and 2.5 acres of very overgrown Pinot Noir vines. We decided to purchase the property and Suffoir vineyard was born!

Our First Wine Making Experience 2012

A full 2 days after moving into the new property, we started picking our first 'test' vintage. This was a great learning experience for us! Can you guess why Pinot Noir grapes are also called suicide grapes?

A Business Is Born - Suffoir 2012

To retain the liquor licence of the property, we had to register a new business name within two weeks of purchasing the property. We decided on Suffoir, based on the Suffolk sheep and Pinot Noir vines on the property. We also wanted to retain our South African heritage. Can you find the hidden South African continent in our logo?

Getting Serious About Wine 2013

Within a year, we pruned the vines back using a traditional Burgundy style pruning method, learned how to make wine and purchased our own wine making equipment! The 2.5 acres yielded an impressive 6 tons of high quality grapes, which produced just over 2500 bottles of our very first commercial vintage! 

Our First Vintage - 2013

Our 2013 vintage was picked on the 9-10th March 2013. The vineyard has two distinct soil types (limestone/red clay and sandy loam) and allowed us to produce two unique styles of Pinot Noir by by keeping the grapes separate. The wine was kept on french oak (originating from the Jupilles forest in France) for 14 months before being bottled. The label to the right is designed by Portchie- a well-known South African artist. We still have to find a way of getting the original painting back to Australia it is that big!

The Cellar Door OPENS 2015

In January 2015, the cellar door opened its doors. The cellar door operated on weekends, with both of us juggling full-time jobs on the side. In 2017, Michelle, decided to give it a crack 6 days a week and worked on different ideas for expansion. This included more homemade products, an updated menu, tailored events, experiences and weddings! 

Music In The Vines 2016

Music in the Vines was born in 2016 over a few drinks at the pub. Locals came together to form a not-for-profit event, with the aim of showcasing local talent and celebrate what our small regional town has to offer. Our first festival was attended by 420 patrons, with an estimated $50k - $70k being injected into the local community. 

This is set to get bigger and better each year, so make sure you pencil this into your diary. Music in the Vines takes place on the first weekend of March each year.

The Three Alpacas Craft Beer Range 2017

With Mount Eccles National Park just around the corner, we had numerous requests to sell beer for off-site consumption. To capture this market, The Three Alpaca Beer range was launched. The names are based on the three alpacas that roam the property- Hennie, Macs and Milo! We produce a Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale and Amber Ale. 

Music In The Vines 2017 

Our second Music in the Vines event was held on the 4th March 2017. We have grown the festival to just over 500 patrons! This was a successful event, with an added emerging talent section. 


On 21 June 2017 our newest team-member, Amelia Lanzi Badenhorst was born! We are excited about this new chapter in our lives and can not wait until she can lend a hand with pruning!

You Want CIDER?

A local apple producer had a few too many apples.....reckon we could have a go at that! 

Music in the Vines 2018

Our third Music in the Vines event was held on the 3th March 2018. We have grown the festival to 628 patrons! This allowed us to walk away with a profit - with funds donated back into the community of Macarthur! Thank you for all your support! 


Masters of converting wine, beer and cider into customer satisfaction

Pieter Badenhorst

Owner/Wine & Beer Maker
Pieter has a background in molecular genetics, biochemistry and molecular plant breeding. These skills have been invaluable in the wine, beer and cider making process

Michelle Badenhorst

Owner/Marketing Director
Michelle has a background in marketing, brewing and hospitality. These skills makes her perfect for hosting and marketing our products

Amelia Badenhorst

HR manager
The newest member to the Suffoir team, Amelia is still learning the ropes of the business